TTL s.r.l. is the first heat treatment company to specialise solely in the heat treatment of aluminium alloys, focusing in particular on motorcycle and car components.

The experience and expertise of its staff allow it to achieve high quality levels and satisfy customers on both the domestic and the indirectly international alumotive component markets, especially the racing car and motorcycle sectors.

30 anni

Since 1984 leader in Italy in the heat treatment of light alloys.

The company started business in 1984 and since then it has continually updated its plants, ensuring the constant availability of state-of-the-art heat treatment lines with high production capacity; as well as its main plant near Modena, TTL s.r.l. also has a production site in the Ferrara area.

Award of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certification and the impressive portfolio of top customers reflect the company's reliability and professionalism; training is a continual priority, for the constant assurance of outstanding results. TTL s.r.l. provides its workforce with specific training in the very latest techniques and operates an intelligent plant upgrade/expansion programme.

With tailored flexibility and unparalleled dedication, we are here to overcome every challenge in the heat treatment of light alloys. We are ready to listen carefully to your specific needs and provide customized solutions, ensuring a reliable and superior quality service. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by offering expert support and innovative solutions to grow your industrial success.